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  RETROFITTING : Universal Testing Machine Upgrades
Give a new lease of life to your existing test systems and save on the cost of a new machine

Retrrofit Universal Testing Machine  
ENKAY retrofits electromechanical and hydraulic testing machines from other manufacturers. New features like WinTest, digital controller, servo hydraulic power unit or servo motor can be added to make it run like never before. We provide retrofit solutions to convert a manually operated machine to full computer automatic control. Our experienced engineers will help you select the retrofit solution that meets your requirements.

Retrofit Options:
Upgrade to Servo Automatic Control
Data Acquisition Upgrade
Replace Dial Gauges with Digital Indicator
Upgrade to Servo Automatic Control   Data Acquisition Upgrade   Replace Dial Gauges with Digital Indicator
The Digital Controller and WinTest can be installed on servo equipped electromechanical and electrohydraulic testing machines.
WinTest features monotonic, cyclic and segmented profiles under load, position or strain control. Also included is a Proportional-Integral-Derivative Control algorithm with software selectable control modes that can be changed on the fly. These features allow you to specify a method for all of your testing needs.
The controller allows up to a 2 segment control profile under load, position or strain control. This is useful in running procedures in accordance with ASTM specifications for the elastic portion of the test curve then switching to an accelerated rate after sample yield until sample break is achieved.
These features can be added to virtually any servo equipped testing machine.
For manually operated testing machine, ENKAY offers new servo-hydraulic power units, servohydraulic manifolds, and servo motor/ amplifier packages.
Indicate load, load rate, stress, stress rate, position, position rate, axial strain, axial strain rate.
Real-time plotting of test data.
Calculate key test parameters such as Peak Load/Stress, Offset Yield, Yield EUL, Modulus of Elasticity, Percent Elongation at Break and more.
Calculate poisson’s ratio and r-value with optional transverse strain input.
Generate hardcopy printouts of Group Test Reports and Single Test Reports which include an XY plot.
Perform all commonly used mechanical tests.
Save and recall three test procedures for accurate and repeatable testing.
Password protected supervisor/ operator modes allow test procedures to be locked under password so they cannot be changed inadvertently.
Calibrate multiple load cells and extensometers with piecewise linear fit between points for maximum accuracy. All calibrations are password protected.
Calibrations exceed ASTM E4/E83 accuracy requirements and feature high resolution and fast sampling rates in a simple proven design.
Includes signal conditioning and excitation for a strain gauge load cell, pressure transducer or extensometer and a digital position encoder. Optionally, an LVDT conditioner can be supplied for AC extensometers.
Indicate Load, Stress, Displacement, Load Rate and Displacement Rate.
Calculate Peak Load, Peak Stress, Modulus of Rupture, Yield by Halt of the Pointer, and Average Test Rate.
Store up to 350 test results to permanent memory. Test results include date, time, specimen number, specimen geometry plus all calculate test results.
Select between English, Metric and SI engineering units.
Transmit results to a printer or remote computer through the serial communications port.
Generate Load/Stress vs. Time curves on a remote computer by transmitting raw XY data to ADMET's WinCOM Plus Data communications program.
Store up to four load cell calibrations for multiple load cell systems. The load calibration algorithm allows up to 5 calibration points per cell with piecewise linear fit between points. Accuracy exceeds ASTM E4 Standards and in general is better than 0.5% from 1% of full scale to full scale.Simplify Calibration
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