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  Hydraulic Computerized Universal Testing Machine  
Hydraulic Computerized Universal Testing Machine  
  Application System:

Peak load along with on line load.
Maximum elongation with online elongation.
Ultimate Tensile Strength
Graphical Display of load vs.time.
Graphical Display of elongation vs. time.
Graphical Display of load vs. elongation.
Graphical Display of stress vs. strain.
Complete Statistical Analysis.
Date Report Management.
  Safety Features:

Machine stops after specimen failure.
Safety against Over travel of piston.
Safeguard against high temprature.
Surge Protector.
Auto Machine Diagnosis.
Safety against overload.
  PC Configuration:
Latest Computer with Inkjet Printer and UPS

Preloaded with window based software.
The Software provided on CD ROM.
Automatic saving and providing database for carrying out statistical calculation of multiple test results.
Software application shall be capable of providing function like Auto Return to Zero.

  Universal Testing Machine Models:
UTM Universal Testing Machine EKE031 UTM Hydraulic Mechanical Universal Testing Machine UTM Hydraulic Electronic Microprocessor Controlled UTM
UTM Hydraulic Computerized Universal Testing Machine UTM Electronic Microprocessor based Digital UTM UTM Analogue cum Computerized Universal Testing Machine
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