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  Analogue cum Computerized Universal Testing Machine  
Analogue cum Computerized UTM  

400/440V, 50Hz Three Phase A.C Supply 1.5 H.P with hydraulic system
Designed to perform variety of tests like tension, compression, etc. on metallic materials.
Continuous roll autographic load recorder
Provision for computer with user friendly software
Auto detection and switching off provision in case of over load, over travel and specimen break.
Analogue and computerized control panel
Capacity: 200KN
Max. Range: 10-200KN ±0.1 KN
Min. Range: 0-20KN ±0.01KN
Maximum tensile clearance at full : (50-700 mm)
decedent piston position
Distance between columns: 500 mm.
Piston stroke: approx 200 mm.
Max Clearance for compression rest : 0-700(mm)
Max. Straining speed at No. Load : 150(mm / min)
  Standard Accessories:

Pair of compression plates dia 120 mm
For Tension Test Jaws:
Round specimen dia 10-20 mm
Round specimen dia 20-30 mm
Flat specimen thickness 0-10 mm
Flat specimen thickness 10-20 mm
Max. width for flat specimen 50 mm
For Transverse Test:
Adjustable Roller Support of width approx. 150 mm
Adjustable Roller Support of dia. approx. 30 mm
With max adjustable clearance approx. 500 mm
RS232 Serial Port/Data Cable
  Optional Accessories:

Load rate Control
Load rate stabilizers
Flat Belt test
Bolt nut and Washer test
Single and double shear test
Tensile test for shouldered and threaded
Bend Re-bend test
  Universal Testing Machine Models:
UTM Universal Testing Machine EKE031 UTM Hydraulic Mechanical Universal Testing Machine UTM Hydraulic Electronic Microprocessor Controlled UTM
UTM Hydraulic Computerized Universal Testing Machine UTM Electronic Microprocessor based Digital UTM UTM Analogue cum Computerized Universal Testing Machine
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